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In Between is an artist book and photo serie that addresses internal and external skylines. Feelings about the loss of human life and the inner strength we need to be able to raise our eyes and minds to the future.
These images evoke "skylines and waterlines" from the most conflicted places on earth, and convey my feelings about being, awareness, blindness and about light.

These waterlines and skylines evoke everlasting human conflicts that make people leave, cross the threshold and take a risk. As a mind conception, these Horizons become the one and only possible vanishing point.

Whoever takes to the sea in search of a new horizon may find the strength to forget the sword that rests on the back of his/her head.
Barefoot people plead for escape, dreaming of a distant land. War-ravaged spirits, crushed by grief, think of a wonderland as a potential shelter.
Millions of starving human beings launch themselves to an ocean of inaccessible possibilities. Broad horizons are dreamt every day.
Collapsed families blend into the ocean. Wounded bodies fall just like autumn leaves.

These horizons - shallow lines at first glance - conceals these deaths in its deepness.
Nothing matters anymore, just the unachievable horizon’s view, silence and promises.

As there is salt in the ocean, we have salt in our blood. We are tied to the ocean.

Is it possible to free someone’s mind from destructive memories?

Where and precisely who is the enemy? Does it really exist? Is it inside or outside?

The Ocean is the same for everyone.

Would it be possible for each one of us to have a joyful and peaceful horizon?

These oceans align and conceal mankind’s debris.

Inexorably everything tends toward chaos and the stillness of a distant horizon comforts us, sharing us rest and relief.

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