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napchan, Core Being, 2022-2023

Luciana Napchan is an artist living by the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil. She studied art, communication and cinema at University of São Paulo, Brazil, and at the University of Television and Film in Munich, Germany. In Düsseldorf, she worked with Katharina Sieverding and Klaus Mettig. She lived in the United States and in Spain for a few years, where she refined her own visual and conceptual vocabulary.

Upon her return to Brazil, she studied with Luiz Paulo Baravelli and Guto Lacaz and worked as a photographer for several brazilian newspapers and magazines.

Her fine art photographic projects have been exhibited in outdoor areas, museums and art centers in Brazil and in the USA: MIS (São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound), MAM (Modern Art Museum of São Paulo), the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington DC, the Centre for Photography at Woodstock NY, and
in art galleries in Sao Paulo, Texas, and North Carolina.

Her “I Scream” photographic serie was published in Time magazine in a special edition about art in Latin America.

She has received national awards to develop photographic projects: Prêmio Estímulo de Fotografia and Proac.

Her book National Parks of Latin America was published in 2002. She has been working on several long-term photographic projects, among which are: Letters to Debret, I am still screaming, 20 years later, Trees IDs, In Between and Core Being.