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text review - Malin Barth, curator
"Personal Permanent Records" exhibited at "The Art Museum of the Americas" - Washington, D.C. - US

Luciana Napchan has, over an extended period of time, been working with homeless children in Brazil, and commenting on their " Lost childhood".

She installs a sky blue painted backdrop as a make-shift studio in the streets and lets them pose, as they desire, playing out their own identity.

In the images, the sitters appear as heroes, due to the angle of which Napchan has taken the portraits and by the sizes she has originally presented them in. She prefers to shoot Polaroid pictures, so the children can instantly have a physical memory of the moment and a proof of their existence.

Napchan would then ask the children to scream as loud as they could for the image she would like to keep and develop into this project entitled "I Scream". This gave the children their opportunity and right to scream for ears willing to hear.

Napchan's oversized outdoor or/and indoor photographs are screams for their memories and lives.

The colorful portraits are statements of these street children's ' non-existing future. With her approach to the medium and presentation of her finished work in a public context, such an an outdoor and/or indoor exhibition, the images can clearly be looked upon as an original and valid contribution to social activism.

"I Scream" is giving voices to the otherwise forgotten children.